Wedding Day Glamour Do’s and Don’ts Trumbull, CT

June 13, 2019

Every bride deserves to glow on her wedding day. Unfortunately, amid the hectic pace of wedding planning, it’s easy for a bride to become a victim of well-intentioned beauty treatments gone wrong. To help you achieve radiant perfection on your special day—and every day!—here’s a list of must-do treatments along with optimal timing tips:

The following aesthetic treatments are effective yet so gentle and free from side effects that you can schedule them close to your wedding day:

• HydraFacial® MD Elite

HydraFacial® MD Elite is the world’s favorite complexion pick-me-up, simultaneously cleaning, exfoliating and replenishing your dermis for a head-turning glow. For your best-looking skin, you can schedule a HydraFacial for the day of your wedding, if so desired.

• truSculpt® iD

truSculpt® iD This non-invasive fat reduction and skin tightening treatment utilizes radiofrequency energy to tone and tighten your “problem spots.” Because there are no invasive measures or downtime, you can schedule truSculpt any time before your wedding. To see optimal benefits, however, we recommend scheduling your truSculpt iD at least a month or two before your special day.

• EndyMed™ 3DEEP

EndyMed™ 3DEEP tightens skin anywhere you need it (face, neck, décolétage, upper arms, abdomen, hips and buttocks) with non-invasive radiofrequency energy. With no downtime, you can undergo a treatment weeks before your wedding for improvements you’ll notice on your honeymoon.

Treatments to schedule a full month or two BEFORE your wedding:

• Injectables

Botox®/Dysport® and dermal fillers are a favorite among brides for smoothing wrinkles, enhancing lips, and so much more. FDA-cleared injectables do involve some downtime, however. Many patients experience swelling for at least a week, along with slight bruising or pinpoint bleeding. For this reason, injectables are NOT the treatment to schedule close to your wedding. To play it safe, schedule your injectable session a full month or two before you walk down the aisle to give your injectables a chance to fully settle into your contours and any side effects to fully subside.

• Skin resurfacing treatments

Whether it’s a chemical peel or laser skin rejuvenation, your skin needs a full month to recover from these popular skin revitalizers. We are not implying that you’ll experience downtime for a full month. Rather, your skin needs about a month to fully renew itself. After all, the growth of  vibrant, new collagen and elastin is a gradual process! To experience optimal benefits for your special day, scheduling any skin resurfacing treatment a good month or two in advance is key.

Stick with the experts in aesthetics to look and feel amazing on your wedding day! You deserve it! We have so many proven treatments, we can’t wait for you to learn about them all! Schedule your consultation today by calling 203-445-0101 or requesting a consultation online.

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