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PRP Hair Restoration

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PRP Hair Restoration

Enjoy a fuller head of hair with PRP hair restoration! PRP hair restoration is a gentle and efficient procedure with no downtime that targets PRP injections into your scalp to reawaken dormant hair follicles and trigger the growth of new hair. We recommend a series of treatments over several months to achieve your best results.

Benefits of PRP hair restoration:

  • Restore fullness to a thinning hairline
  • Thicken hair growth
  • Decrease hair loss

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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly happens during a PRP hair restoration treatment?

The entire process can be completed in one convenient office visit. First, we draw your blood and isolate the PRP with a centrifuge, a process that takes about 15 minutes. After numbing your treatment areas with a topical anesthetic, we will carefully inject PRP into targeted areas of your scalp.


How long does PRP hair restoration take?

The entire procedure takes less than an hour to administer.


How much downtime is there with PRP hair restoration?

None at all. You’ll be able to resume your regular day immediately following your treatment.


What are the most common side effects of PRP hair restoration?

With any injection, swelling, bruising, and pinpoint bleeding are possible. These side effects resolve quickly on their own in the hours to days following treatment. Applying ice can help minimize swelling or bruising.


How many treatments will I need?

Since hair growth is a slow process and PRP works gradually, it takes a series of treatments over the course of several months to obtain optimal results. We can help you formulate your ideal PRP treatment plan during your personal consultation.


How long does PRP hair restoration last?

Once your desired result is achieved, we recommend maintenance treatments to extend your benefits. PRP treatments are long-lasting, providing hair growth for up to a year following your last treatment.


How can I get started with PRP hair restoration in Trumbull, CT?

It’s easy! Call 203-445-0101 or request a personal consultation today.


  • My hairdresser actually said I have hair growth in the front of my scalp after my second treatment! I have less hair falling out and I feel the hair in front is much fuller.

    R. Swanson
  • I definitely notice my hair is much fuller in the front of my head and I hardly have any hair falling out anymore. I don’t see too much of my scalp in front anymore either. I am so happy with the results!

    M. Martinez