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Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing

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We are always looking for new technology that will help improve the health of one's skin because healthy, youthful skin is better at combating the effects of aging than skin that is aged and weakened. We talk to every patient about first getting their skin healthy using the right combination of products to make our treatments have that much more of an impact.

This new Opus Plasma is not a laser - it takes the idea of skin rejuvenation to a new level. It is a fractional plasma technology that combines an ablative treatment with radiofrequency. It offers less downtime than what you would experience with CO2 and laser skin resurfacing and you can visibly see results after just 2 weeks!

We are happy to be the first in Fairfield County to be providing Opus Plasma skin renewal!

Why is Opus Plasma fractional resurfacing better than previous laser fractional systems?

The concept of combining a plasma laser with radiofrequency is the main advantage. With the Opus plasma laser, you are, essentially, making tiny injuries in the skin that are much like those in microneedling treatments. Then, radiofrequency can access the skin at a deeper level. The synergy of the two types of treatments together creates better tightening with resurfacing at the same time.

The Opus has is extremely versatile. With simple changes in settings, we can produce results matching the most aggressive CO2 laser or the most gentle laser peels. Even at the most aggressive settings, recovery times are short, usually falling within 1-2 days.

Opus Plasma is the first fractional plasma RF technology with tunability and treatment versatility like a fractional resurfacing laser.

Opus Plasma by Alma Lasers features proprietary high-frequency RF energy to create tiny injuries in the skin with plasma, allowing RF to penetrate the skin more deeply. The metal pins of the device operate at a supercharged, but very even and consistent voltage. When brought close to the skin, the RF charged pins react to atmospheric pressure, creating plasma.

Opus Laser Treatment in CT

With Opus Plasma, we are able to treat:

fine lines and wrinkles

laxity in the skin

uneven skin tones


stretch marks

scarring from acne

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