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The carbon laser peel is often known as the ‘Red carpet peel’ or Hollywood Peel because of the number of celebrities who love this peel!  No matter what it’s called, you skin will be bright, exfoliated, smooth and firm in as fast as 20-30 minutes!  A great peel just before that special occasion will be an amazing addition to that special dress, shoes, and hairstyle!

Carbon Laser Peel FAQ

How does a carbon laser peel work?

The carbon laser peel is a 2-part process. First, a natural carbon cream is applied to the surface of the skin and allowed to dry. This non-toxic cream looks something like a mud mask with a dark grey-brown coloring and rich texture. Natural carbon quickly absorbs oil, impurities, and dead skin cells from deep within pores and pulls toxins to the surface. After the carbon mask is applied,  the Q-Switched Cutera laser is used to remove the mask.

Unlike other laser techniques, the focused 1064 laser beam is applied from a distance above the skin. A special smoke evaporator is used,  so there is little risk of putting particles or bacteria into the air. The laser heat does not destroy sub-dermal tissue but rather kick-starts the natural healing processes in our skin to boost collagen production for lasting firmness. Secondarily, the treatment plumps fine lines/wrinkles and tightens sagging skin!

On the surface, the laser energy destroys the carbon particles in the mud mask and eliminates the absorbed oil, dead skin, and toxins attached to the carbon particles.  This immediately refreshes and exfoliates the skin by deep cleaning and shrinking the skin pores!  With your dead skin cells gone, your skin automatically brightens and when applying your cosmeceuticals it will be better absorbed into healthy cells!

Are you a candidate for a carbon laser peel treatment?

This carbon laser peel is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the texture, tightening, toning and brightening of their skin! It is also especially effective for anyone with oily skin who suffers from acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, or dull and uneven skin tone. Targeted laser energy gently heats the skin and kills acne-causing bacteria in the process. This is achieved without the need for any harsh chemicals or aggravating ingredients. This laser process also shrinks sebaceous glands to reduce oil production and help balance chronically oily skin.  If you have acne on your face, chest, back, or shoulders, this peel would be great for you!  

This painless, 20-minute procedure delivers immediate benefits with lasting results!

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