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Developed by the pioneers of laser hair removal technology in 2000, excel HR™ is the next generation premium laser hair removal technology for women and men of all skin types, even tanned skin patients, available all-year-round.

More coverage than ever before - excel HR's signature truPulse™ technology delivers consistent and sustained energy in each and every pulse—efficiently reducing the number of treatments required.

Superior patient comfort - excel HR significantly improves patient comfort by offering continuous cooling before, during and after each laser pulse.

True laser technology - unlike limitations of older technologies that use low-powered energy sources like pulsed light, excel HR™ only uses true, premium, laser sources to achieve the safest, most effective results for patients of all skin types.

excelHR FAQs

How many treatments does excel HR™ laser hair removal require?

The total number of treatments varies and is based on how a patient responds to treatment and on the area being treated. 
Typically, 4-6 treatments are recommended. Treatments are spaced depending on the area treated as different areas of the body have different hair growth rates.  The face and neck are typically every 4-6 weeks, underarms and groin 6-8 weeks and extremities 8-10 weeks. 


Why does laser hair removal require multiple treatments?

Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments because there are three different hair growth cycles in any given area of the body. The actively growing phase, or anagen stage, is the optimal stage you would want your hair to be in when it is lasered as it is in this stage where you can destroy the follicle. In any given area only 30-40% of your hair follicles are in the anagen stage. The other 60-70% of your hair will be in the other two cycles of hair growth; they will respond to laser treatment, resulting not in follicle death but to injury to the follicle. The hair that ultimately grows from an injured follicle will be thinner and grow slower. Because of this, multiple treatments are required and many times treatments are better spaced out farther as you would want to have as many of your follicles in the anagen stage when you are treated. Thus it is important to start hair removal early! 

You know when you are due for your next treatment session when hair in the treated area begins to grow back. It is very important to stick with the treatment schedule - missing a treatment could allow your hair to enter the next stage where hair begins to detach from the hair follicle which can increase the number of treatments originally required.


Am I a good candidate for Hair Removal?

The best candidate for hair removal is someone with dark hair as this kind of hair has the highest amount of pigment. Laser is taken up by the pigment in the hair shaft and this is what transports the energy to the hair follicle to destroy it.  Blond and red hair can respond to hair reduction but not as well as dark hair. So the best time to get your hair removal done is BEFORE your hair turns white as white hair has no pigment!


Is excel HR™ laser hair removal really worth it?

While traditional methods of hair removal, like shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are still the go-to-methods for many, these methods are all temporary and must be repeated on a frequent basis...forever! excel HR™ laser hair removal is the quick and efficient solution to rid yourself of unwanted hair.

Additionally, excel HR™ laser hair removal helps you to be much more efficient, economic and green.


What areas can be treated?

Due to excel HR™'s superior technology, exceptional results are achievable on all hair types—fine or coarse. Commonly requested areas include underarms, legs, face, arms, bikini area as well as men's chest and back.

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