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"I have been a patient of the Doctors Specht for many years and when I heard of this newest PRP treatment, I was very interested, as I have had surgery in both knees (meniscus repair in one, and ACL replacement in the other). My knees were always in pain, especially in inclement weather.

After going to one of their open house seminars on PRP, I decided to take a chance and had it done. This was about six weeks ago and I am truly astonished with the immediate results. I dislike needles immensely, but although uncomfortable, it wasn't that bad; not the actual blood draw or injection that lasted about 40 minutes in total. My morning decent down the stairs used to be one step at a time. Now I run, yes run, down the stairs. I don't feel the aches and pains that the cold weather (and it's been extremely cold) brings on. I also walk at least three miles, five days a week without any discomfort. As mentioned, it's been six weeks and it still feels great! I would, without a doubt, highly recommend this to anyone for whom cortisone shots or other procedures haven't been able to alleviate their pain. Short of miraculous, it feels wonderful to be able to do what I was able to do before my knee surgeries!

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