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We’re not talking about the thermometer. We’re talking about the temperature in your bedroom! When was the last time you felt passion? If your libido is more sluggish than sizzling, it’s time for an all-natural PRP boost for your sex life.

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a portion of your blood that’s bursting with potent proteins known as growth factors. These proteins provide a range of benefits when carefully applied to targeted areas, including everything from skin rejuvenation to hair restoration to sexual health and intimate wellness.

For any PRP treatment, we start by drawing your blood and isolating your PRP in a centrifuge. The magic elixir (PRP!) is then applied, as needed, to specific areas to improve a range of symptoms.

EnhanceHer PRP Sexual Health and Intimate Wellness for Women

EnhanceHer™ is a treatment specially designed to harness the benefits of PRP to address a range of sexual health and intimate wellness concerns for women. By gently injecting PRP into the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall, PRP can help improve natural lubrication, increase sensation and stimulation, and more.

EnhanceHer can also be combined with Votiva, a non-surgical radiofrequency treatment, for women who suffer from bladder leaks and stress urinary incontinence. Both EnhanceHer and Votiva help tighten the vaginal opening for a range of benefits, including improving bladder leaks.

EnhanceSir PRP Sexual Health and Intimate Wellness for Men

For the EnhanceSir™ treatment, PRP is gently injected into the penis to help boost libido, increase penile girth and improve erection and orgasm strength. You’ll notice immediate results and continue to enjoy your benefits for weeks and months, with ongoing improvements with a series of treatments.

Sexual health and intimate wellness are important aspects of your quality of life. We can help you take care of yourself and your loved one with EnhanceHer, EnhanceSir, and Votiva treatments. Find out more by calling 203-445-0101 or requesting your consultation today!

One of my favorite responsibilities as a medical spa owner and director is providing you with the most advanced anti-aging treatments so you can achieve dramatic improvements to your complexion without extensive downtime or discomfort. I truly love my job because there are so many effective ways to turn back time and dramatically enhance your skin!

One of my favorite skin rejuvenation packages is a combination package I’ve named The Anti-Aging Trifecta. It’s a potent combination of skin renewal featuring laser facial rejuvenation for brightening, Microneedling RF with Morpheus8 for tightening and smoothing, and Hydrafacial MD® Elite for a refreshing glow.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of my Anti-Aging Trifecta, which is appropriate for almost every skin type:

Spring is an ideal time to hit the refresh button on your complexion after a long, dark winter.

We’ll help you devise your ideal skin care regimen, including your treatment schedule, during your personal consultation. One size does not fit all in the world of aesthetic treatments! We will tailor your treatments to your personal needs and goals. Learn more by calling 203.445.0101 or request a consultation today!

—Dr. Vange Specht